The One Pioneer LLC, Atlas Creative Group LLC, Alex Song 及团队等在12/19/2022对Tiffany Xu, Golden Ivy Marketing 以及其他相关公司发起了数百万的诉讼。此外,Alex Song及团队要求驳回Tiffany Xu和她相关联的公司对Alex Song以及相关公司进行的不正当报复性的最初诉讼。


“众越财富坚信法律依法维护自身权利,并将会法庭上证明其对Tiffany Xu,Sky Vision 等其他交叉被告的控诉属实。此外,众越财富的团队自4/19/2022 开业以来已有数百位业内顶级的经纪人,为此,我们将积极防御和辩护任何竞争对手的无理及嫉妒的攻击。众越财富将在2023年继续为经纪人和客户提供更专业及卓越的服务”



One Pioneer, LLC, Atlas Creative Group, LLC, Dandan Song and others have launched a multi-million dollar lawsuit against Tiffany Xu, Golden Ivy Marketing and other companies based on allegations, among other things, that Ms. Xu and her affiliates have wrongfully and unlawfully retaliated against Ms. Song and her co-workers for having left her companies’ employment and started their own business. Moreover, Ms. Song and her co-workers have sought to have Ms. Xu’s initial lawsuit dismissed based on claims it is meritless, frivolous and retaliatory. “One Pioneer is excited to have its day in court and prove its allegations true against Ms. Xu and the other cross-defendants.”

Moreover, One Pioneeer has put together a team of the top insurance agents in the industry and, in doing so, will aggressively defend itself against meritless and jealous attacks from any competitor. “Our agency has compiled a team of the top professionals in the business and we are very excited to provide premiere service to our clients and consumers. Let’s go 2023!”