Focusing on the professional development of brokers, Crowd Wealth has recently invited top industry companies and veterans to train brokers on insurance knowledge, inviting them to present the latest practices, strategies and theories, while leading discussions in an open, question-and-answer interactive environment. In each topic covered, the instructors focused on the most "useful" and "proven" approaches to pursue in the short and long term, so that brokers could make an immediate impact after the session and quickly improve their client targeting and sales skills. Each face-to-face training session was closely followed by many insurance brokers, some of whom came from far away in order to learn from the experience and knowledge of the great minds.

In the afternoon of September 14, Crowd Crossing Wealth held a seminar on insurance expertise at Arcadia Studio. Jacob Marcotte, Internal Sales Manager of Allianz Insurance, a top insurance company, introduced the scope of insurance services, policy interpretation and analysis of Allianz.

Allianz has deep experience in the insurance business as a world-leading integrated insurance and asset management company with operations in all financial sectors, ranging from life and health insurance, property and liability insurance, all lines of insurance in the insurance sector and risk management consulting, as well as asset management services for institutional and individual investors on a global basis. As of 2012, there were approximately 180,000 Allianz Group employees serving clients worldwide.

Jacob Marcotte explains that Allianz is committed to providing clients with a more comprehensive risk management service in addition to its primary businesses of life insurance, property insurance and asset management, and that data analytics illustrations provide each broker with a clearer understanding of Allianz's full business.

Jacob Marcotte also answered some of the questions that arise in the broker's work during the talk. Such as liability and benefits in the terms of the policy and the issues that may arise; income taxes that will be due on withdrawals of premiums; and the possibility of a 10% federal surtax on the policy for features that are exercised before the age of 59 or older. He noted that tax laws can change from time to time and clients should consult a tax professional; and loan rates are locked in the issue and guaranteed for the life of the policy.

The brokers benefited from listening to Allianz professionals' presentations. Some brokers said that they found that many people bought insurance but did not understand it, therefore, the responsibility of being a broker is even more important. Customer satisfaction is the greatest satisfaction of every broker.

Martha Lee, a senior insurance professional, presented a plaque to Zongetsu Wealth on that day to express her encouragement and support to the team led by Alex.

General Manager Alice introduces Martha to Allianz Jacob Marcotte

Martha's teacher explained the motto of life

The post-meeting communication and conversation was the most warm and busy moment, Jacob Marcotte and Alex and Alice, CEOs of Zongetsu, counseled the brokers one-on-one on their queries, allowing them to enjoy the rewards and joys from it, and moreover giving them confidence and helping them to strive for a higher success rate.

The brokers said with emotion that a great team leader, leading a group of happy and dear friends, will surely create a proud performance, and we will never fall behind!

We invite all interested parties to join us, so that each broker can use their talents and provide a collaborative working environment to reward your talents and enthusiasm. If you would like to be part of our team, please call us at 626-725-1123

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